Our Team

From an early age William had a passion to be a funeral director. 15 years ago he began as a driver for his local funeral service where stayed for 7 years where he gained knowledge and experience on how to be a funeral director.

William Thomas (Founder and Principal)

As a fully qualified funeral director he moved on to become a funeral services trainer for Learndirect, training the Co-op funeral care staff. William made the decision to open his own funeral home to offer a unique and personal service to the local community.

Keith Tauson (Funeral Service Operative)

Keith has been a funeral service operative with Lady Bell Funeral Service for 2 years having previously owned his own business before retiring. Keith has the experience and knows how to look after our clients.

Peter Thomas (Funeral Service Operative)

Peter has been with Lady Bell Funeral Service for over a year and possesses a vast amount of skills having worked in his own family funeral business for over 40 years until it was sold upon his father’s retirement.

Emma Yankey (Office Manager)

Emma comes from a medical admin and retail management background, She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to look after our clients.